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Pippa Hallas

Pippa Hallas

CEO of Ella Baché

Pippa Hallas is the CEO of iconic skincare empire Ella Baché, the embodiment of female empowerment she works with pure ambition. Combined with progressive thinking, innovation, and mentoring, she is she is also an avid traveller, author, mother of two young sons and a wife. Pippa is tenacious, and leads with integrity, passionate about mental health she sits as an enthusiastic board member for ‘Flourish’, whilst working in partnership with the ‘Cherish Foundation’ to help fund clinical research and kinder treatments to women with gynaecological cancers.

Ella Baché is now in its third generation of family ownership, with the company being launched by her great aunt Madame Baché in Paris in 1936. It was later brought to Australian shores in the ‘50s and further developed under the leadership of her father John in the years that followed.

Now, in Pippa’s capable hands she is driving the brand into a new era of modern-day beauty and skincare. Over the past 15 years as CEO, she has focused on the same foundations and principles the business was founded on but adds to its repertoire as a trusted go-to brand in the skincare and cosmetic world.

“Running a business today is about making bold moves and making unexpected decisions.” Pippa says.

Much of navigating the business world, especially as a female, involves perseverance, confidence, and determination. It is about living outside your comfort zone, believing in yourself, and taking risks – this is something Pippa delivers in spades. Hallas will prompt you to rise from challenges, embrace individuality, develop bold thinking mechanisms, and strive to be your absolute best in today’s competitive world.